Whirlwind Environmental Industrial Ventialtion Specialists


LEV Systems Design & Installation

  • Design engineers are all BOHS P602 qualified and all designs are in accordance with the current HSE regulations.
  • Full site surveys are carried out; we view your process in operation to ensure our solutions do not hinder production.
  • Experienced engineers fit all installations in accordance with HVCA DW144
  • A complete turn-key package is available including electrical controls, roofing and building works.
Our aim at Whirlwind Environmental is to provide environmentally friendly solutions. These include inverter driven fans on our LEV systems. We can also fit inverter drives to existing systems to greatly reduce running costs

LEV Servicing

As specialists in dust and fume control systems we recommend that your LEV systems are maintained regularly and tested to ensure they continue to protect your workforce and do not become inefficient creating system down time.

Whirlwind Environmental offers a range of servicing and maintenance solutions.
  • An initial appraisal of your LEV system(s) is recommended to assess their current status.
  • We offer regular maintenance programs and a full service schedule can be arranged including frequent inspections by our qualified engineers.
  • Annual thorough inspection and testing should be carried out by competent engineers.

CoSHH LEV Testing

  • Test engineers are all BOHS P601 qualified, all our reports are in plain English and our conclusions will explain all the options and solutions available to you.
  • We are experienced in the commissioning of systems and can provide data to existing systems, which can then be used as the benchmark for future testing.

Evaporative Cooling Systems

  • A comprehensive range of environmentally friendly solutions which require no refrigerants.
  • Systems that bring fresh clean air into the workplace, (rather than re-circulating stale air), help to minimise bacteria & germs.
  • A low cost alternative to air conditioning.
  • Evaporative cooling systems that can save up to 10,000kg of carbon per year compared to air conditioning.
All of the services offered by Whirlwind Environmental Ltd are designed to ensure piece of mind that your extraction systems not only abide by all legal requirements, but are being maintained in optimum condition to enhance productivity and minimize down time.